Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Well I got off to a terrible start, as my previous post will show.

I woke up with a nasty cold on Monday and now that it's Wednesday I'm trying to get my head around re-starting. I still haven't got through all the reading as my mind is full of fog (not to mention other stuff which my three boxes of tissues are helping clear) so I still don't have a proper understanding of what I should be doing. And I still don't know how I'm going to work my existing life into it, even though I know it's only for a "few weeks".

Back to work again tomorrow and I'm not organised at all.

One bonus I can say is that I've taken the opportunity to get all of the caffeine reliance out of my system (it takes 72hrs right?).

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 1

Well off to a bit of a rocky start to Day 1 of my 12-Week challenge.

Woke up with tonsils the size of golf balls and it's dark outside in the mornings these days. Grabbed the two protein drinks I'd prepared last night and the meat and salad container and headed off to work.

Left work just passed 11am, feeling like death.

It's currently 1.15pm and I have had that protein drink while at work and the salad while home. I'll have the other pre-prepared drink tomorrow so I don't have to make up any new ones.

Feeling hungry, want to eat the easiest thing laying around. Could do with a good milky coffee too.

Can only blame myself though - I've had two out of the six meals for today and it's passed lunch time, I've also only had one out of the 12 glasses of water I'm supposed to have. Feeling a bit out of sorts.

Had a HUGE weekend this weekend and last weekend so I didn't have the 'few hours' to go over all of the rules and guidelines and also my exercise plan. Honestly though, I am booked in for Yoga tonight, not sure if I want to change it to something more rigorous. I want to get well.

I keep fighting the urge to argue with the food plan and my "I know better" attitude lol. I think I'm doing ok with it so far though. But it's still early.

So that's the update so far.

Feeling under prepared, hungry but don't want to eat, haven't had enough to drink, have a headache, aching joints and a nose that wont stop (obviously not related to food, I've caught a bug from someone).

EDIT: OK I don't get this AT ALL. How if I don't get home from work until 5pm and I have Yoga 6-7pm am I supposed to cook and eat dinner? A. Where is my travelling time, and B. how do I get there and not be absolutely stuffed I can't morph myself into those positions???

I've got the flu.