Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday 30 November 2008

3 eggs fried in butter - 1.5g

70g salami with 110g jarlsberg cheese - 2.6g

150g mixed salted nuts - 12g

1 cup of tea and 6 glasses of water. Bit thirsty so I might have some water a bit later (it's only 6.40pm now).

That gives a total of 16.1g carbs for today.

Thanks for all your wonderful wishes everyone. It means a lot. I'm feeling much better today - I think it was just an overnight thing.

I haven't eaten all that much today, in quantity. Can't tell you why, I just haven't wanted to. I've been a bit at a loss with so much stuff going on and so many things to remember that I'm almost at a stand still hehehe. Ah well, the end of the year is always like that I guess. Looking forward to getting Christmas and New Years out of the way. Do you guys in the other hemisphere get longer than a few days off over this season?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday 29 November 2008

Sorry guys, I spent last night awake bringing up yesterday's dinner, so I'm not well at all. Going to bed early. Checking in here quickly to write today's menu before I forget and I'll do some cruising of everyone else's blog tomorrow. :)

3 eggs fried in butter - 1.5g

Hard boiled egg - 0.5g

Hard boiled egg - 0.5g

Salami wrapped in jarlsberg - 102g of each = 3.7g

Small can of lc chocolate pudding (I know, but it was the best of a bunch of bad options) - 2g

That gives a total of 8.2g carbs for the day.

3 cups of ginger tea, on cup of cinammon, ginger and something-else tea (trying to soothe my stomach as I had to work today), 2 cups of black tea and two cups of half-strength coffee. No water.

To Harry that asked if I have a carb-limit I am trying to keep under... I am trying to aim between about 18g and 30g per day (no less, no more). Night all, catch up tomorrow!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday 28 November 2008

3 eggs fried in butter - 1.5g

125g Mortadella - 3.8g

Half a BBQ chicken - 0.5g

65g Mild salami - 2.3g

Shared a baked avocado filled with crab meat and tiger prawns with my mum - 1g
Sardine fillets on rocket and capsicum in salty lemon butter sauce. Side of vegies - broccoli, bok choy and green beans - 21.1g (all in the form of vegies)

Around 7 glasses of water and about 5 cups of stevia-sweetened black tea.

That gives a total of 30.2g carbs for the whole day. Not too bad considering their sources. :)

Thanks guys for all your comments! I'm off to the gym in a minute and then out for dinner after that so when I get back I'll update my menu and might even put together a list of some really good Aussie movies (that are younger than a decade old hahaha).

Happy Thanksgiving all, good luck with staying on plan. Must say, I can't really see it being a problem... isn't turkey the main food of the event?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday 27 November 2008

3 eggs fried in butter - 1.5g

Smoked salmon, 60g cucumber, 30g lettuce - 3.1g

Half a BBQ chicken

80g salami, 150g mortadella w olives - 9.4g (oops!)

handful of almonds and pistachios - 7.5g

83g spinach with a knob of butter - 2.4g

9 cups of water about maybe 5 or so cups of black tea. It apparently hit 30C today! Very thirsty (that's ummm 86F according to the converter).

That gives a total of 23.9g for the day. I didn't do such a good job today - high carbs but not high quantity. Will try better tomorrow.

Weight: 86.5kg

Thanks everyone for your comments! NewVision, yes, I am indeed in Australia - but in the lowest city of the mainland so I really don't take the heat all that well hehehe. No Thanksgiving here, as you say. Which means I don't fully understand the dinner issues but just a few weeks after New Years is Australia Day and that's when a whole heap of people come over for an outside (or inside if the weather is bad) BBQ. That can be a killer - there are breadcrumbs added to pretty much everything - hamburger patties, sausages, etc. And baked potatoes and corn. Sides of coleslaw and potato salad. Thankfully, I've NEVER liked that stuff so I don't have the same pressures as some other people that make stark changes.

Harry, no I didn't end up having a snack later. I got home around 9.40pm and helped a friend move a few heavy things so I figured it was just too late by then. I learned early on not to have anything sweet in the evening bc the sugar just messes up my sleep. I would tend to just have more of whatever I had for dinner hehehe.

Vadim, please ... Crocodile Dundee???? That movie is probably older than I am, and I'm mid (late?)-20s. Maybe I can help educate you in some better Aussie cinema selections? ;) *wink*

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday 26 November 2008

8am - 3 eggs fried in butter - 1.5g

10am - 40g cucumber - 1.5g

1.10pm - 85g salami and the rest of the half BBQ chicken from yesterday - 3.5g

2pm - 80g mortadella w peppercorns - 2.4g

5.50pm - steak with mushroom gravy, pumpkin and lettuce - 5.6g

4 big glasses of water and 3 stevia-sweetened cups of black and flavoured tea (same as yesterday, but I forgot to report that).

That gives a total carb count for today of 14.5g. I'm still hungry though so when I get home, although it's not ideal, I'll probably have something else before I get to bed.

And thanks for the encouragement everyone! :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 1

7.30am - 3 eggs fried in butter - 1.5g
9.55am - small salad which consisted of lettuce, cucumber and ham - approx 2.8g
12noon - salami (I bought 90g and ate it over the course of the day) - 3.2g
A/A - mortadella with peppercorns - 3.2g
1.30pm - BBQ chicken minus the stuffing - 0.1g
6pm 200g mixed nuts - 16g
8pm - 3 eggs fried in butter - 1.5g

That gives a total of 28.3g carbs for the whole day.

This is a typical day for me if I'm totally unprepared.

I did not get to Body Pump today like I'd hoped as I forgot all about my 5pm to have my eyebrows and lashes tended to. It's also too hot and I probably wouldn't have gone anyway. I hate this weather sometimes.

Having said that, I was tired mentally but had lots of physical energy so I spent a good portion of today walking everywhere at work and then through the shopping centre after work. In all, I feel good. Looking forward to tomorrow :)

Weighing in... I never weigh in. I didn't even know we had scales in the bathroom - but we do! I weighed in three times and got the readings 88.8kg, 87.1kg and 86.5kg. Then I got 86.5kg the following three times but I don't think that can be right considering my eating lately. So the middle is 87.4kg so I'll go with that.

Not too bad for a disorderly Day 1!

Looking forward to seeing how you've been going too. I think this is a great challenge and I can't wait to make it part of my routine and really get into the swing of things!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Day -1

Hi all,

Thanks so much for the encouragment guys! I've been travelling around your blogs a bit too - some have started and some haven't yet. Those that have are doing so well! It's awesome!!

As for me, it's the day before. I've been enjoying a bunch of fruit (fresh strawberries) and nuts and lattes and brie and SF choc.

I probably haven't overdone it with the carb count but it's NOT at all how I wish to continue the rest of my life. It's unsatisfying (in terms of hunger) and overall I don't feel healthier for it. I don't have much of a bounce in my step and couldn't be bothered going to the gym yesterday, so I didn't.

And today, who knows. Pilates is supposed to start in a little over an hour. Not sure if I'll get there or not. Can I use the excuse that I've just had my hair done and I don't want to ruin it? lol

Anyway, it's planning night tonight. If I'm to have any success at all, I need to be organised.

I have some frozen meat balls in the freezer, I was thinking of thawing them and baking them in the oven covered with a can of diced tomatoes that I've added herbs too. ... I don't know how high in carbs tomatoes are though. I think per serve it might end up around the 9g mark and maybe that's a little high.

Maybe I should lay it out - I may have days where I'm close to zero carbs depending on my mood, but overall I'd like to stay within 20-30g per day. I can't imagine eating any higher than that and not experiencing head spins and lethargy and all the other issues I have with carbs. Even protein can do it if my servings are too great.

So, that's the low down. I'm off to procrastinate a little more and at the last minute I might actually achieve something. ;)

Have a great day all!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The challenge that started it all

The challenge that started it all:

From Jimmy Moore's Blog
I have a new challenge to share with everyone today that I think will be quite an illuminating experience. As you know, I've been writing down my daily menus for nearly a year here at this blog to show what this particular low-carber actually eats on a daily basis. Some days have been better than others, but I have been quite transparent about what goes in my mouth and how much exercise I'm engaged in.

Today, I challenge YOU to do the same. That's right, I'm encouraging other low-carb dieters to be willing to share their daily menus online as well at their own menus blog. I'm going to start compiling a list of these low-carb menu sites on the side panel here so everyone can benefit from the variety of voices about what low-carb living means to different people. Are you brave enough to put your low-carb menus out there for everyone to see?

If you want to take this challenge, then simply e-mail me at with the URL of your new menus blog and I'll add it to my new list on the side panel. With so many people professing they know the best way to do a low-carb diet, it's time to see how you do it. This should be a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing how other low-carbers eat. List your portions, calories, and current weight each day so we can follow your progress.

Anyone up to the challenge? :)

So, my hesitancies are that to be "on plan" as I would hope to be if I'm open to scrutiny, I need to be organised. I will begin posting my menus on Tuesday (it is currently Saturday night and I'm tucking into some frozen raspberries in full cream. It's low carb, but still ... you know ...)