Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday 13 February 2009

Well today was no fun, I got to Sydney airport to fly home and the flight was delayed, then delayed again, then we changed gates, then the announcement was that we didn't have a gate and would announce when we had one, then it was cancelled outright and they stuffed us all into vacancies of other flights. And we landed at a different airport to the one we were supposed to land at so I had to catch a giant taxi-fare to pick up my car from the correct airport. Phew! What a day!

I was supposed to get home at about 3pm and it was more like 8.30pm at night!!

OK, that's my winge for the day hehehe

Yes, the fires, Sybil thanks for your thoughts. Everyone has been affected in one way or another. I work in a suburb that's sort of half way between my house and the closest fires (which are hugely close to the main city anyway) so everyone at work has spent the past week on the phone following people up. Some still don't know where people are and others are trying to console their kids who think all their school mates are gone. And they probably are.

I didn't know how many people I knew from country areas until this happened and I know a ton. Some are ok, some I was worried about, some have lost their properties and their extended family members ... but... NONE have lost THEIR lives. I'm so thankful for that. If the two major fires meet, I wont be so confident but at the moment and with all the effort that's going into it, it looks like that has been averted.

And another good thing, I think I've cried all I can about it so I'm spending a great deal of time thinking about the good that people are doing right now, and not so much about any loss.

Anyway I'm still lc and working on my motivation for change. I think I have a bad body image - for some reason I seem to think I look just fine when maybe I don't. LOL Typical...

Night all!


  1. Thanks for checking in, Erika.
    We are watching from afar and yet, I know what you mean about the tears and sadness and then the joy of watching the strength of the people.

    Glad you are doing well with the LC. I am too and it feels so good to not be consumed by food thoughts. I do know what you mean about the bad body image....yesterday I had a pix taken with my new surf board and was feeling really good about myself until I actually saw the picture - and then I immediately felt like I weighed 300 pounds again and I simply couldn't see any progress. My head lies to me.

    Be well

  2. Yes, we saw the koaola story wtih the firefighter on tv here in the U.S.

    We had an airplane that crashed into a home up on the East Coast, everyone perished.

    Hope your fires are out eventually. Take care :)

  3. Ah, the joys of air travel. We know them well. :)

    I'm sorry for all the sadness these fires have brought about. It sounds like it's really taken a toll on you (and understandably so).

    Bad body image? Yeah, I'm familiar with it. I used to have an eating disorder (in my teens).

    I'm happy to see your posts, whenever they appear. :)

    Please take good care.

  4. Just popping in to say 'Hi' and see how your doing.

    Sorry about your air traffic troubles.

    Good to see you posting. :)

  5. Friday the 13th strikes again...gotta hate that...hope your weekend has been better:)