Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday 6 Sept 11

My dinner tonight, as you can see below, is prawn and chicken curry. It had lots of sauce left over. Yesterday I would have got out some bread and soaked it up. Today I have had to put a bit more thought into it. So, my current thought is I will boil some eggs and mash the sauce into them so I have curried eggs. Then I can give some to my housemate for sandwiches, and I can have some with lettuce. Yum!

Today I ate:
Protein drink
LC shepherd's pie
Chicken and prawn curry


  1. I have a confession. I've never had curry, what is it exactly?

  2. Hi SheZug, curry is a combination of Indian spices - there is no one specific spice, but they are definitely all Indian. So even though every curry tastes completely different to each other, they still all have something in common which is Indian. :)