Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday 26 November 2008

8am - 3 eggs fried in butter - 1.5g

10am - 40g cucumber - 1.5g

1.10pm - 85g salami and the rest of the half BBQ chicken from yesterday - 3.5g

2pm - 80g mortadella w peppercorns - 2.4g

5.50pm - steak with mushroom gravy, pumpkin and lettuce - 5.6g

4 big glasses of water and 3 stevia-sweetened cups of black and flavoured tea (same as yesterday, but I forgot to report that).

That gives a total carb count for today of 14.5g. I'm still hungry though so when I get home, although it's not ideal, I'll probably have something else before I get to bed.

And thanks for the encouragement everyone! :)


  1. The menu's looking good, Erika. :-)

    Did you end up having a late night snack? If so, what was it?

    In the past, when I was eating plenty o' carbs, I'd usually have something sweet close to bed time. Cereal, cookies, etc.

    Nowadays, I tend to favor foods with sharper flavors. Naturally-cured meats, raw, cultured cheeses and a glass of organic red wine.

    I guess I've replaced the sweetness with a different type of richness.

    Back to my lair. Even low-carbers must sleep.

  2. Erika, doing good girl! Are you from states? The reaosn I ask that you are typing all your counts in grams. I dont know why but I think you are from either england or Canada.

  3. Ok, that was a dumb question! I just read your profile, and you are from a great country of Australia. I always wanted to go visit Sydney. Heard lots of good things about it. Plus I love that movie Crocodile Dundy, I saw it back when I was in russia and fell in love with an accent and the country!

  4. Hey Erika,
    The menu looks great!
    I was popping over to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, LOL, Guess you won't be having any problems their as your in Australia. Have a great day anyway...LOL !!!!