Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday 27 November 2008

3 eggs fried in butter - 1.5g

Smoked salmon, 60g cucumber, 30g lettuce - 3.1g

Half a BBQ chicken

80g salami, 150g mortadella w olives - 9.4g (oops!)

handful of almonds and pistachios - 7.5g

83g spinach with a knob of butter - 2.4g

9 cups of water about maybe 5 or so cups of black tea. It apparently hit 30C today! Very thirsty (that's ummm 86F according to the converter).

That gives a total of 23.9g for the day. I didn't do such a good job today - high carbs but not high quantity. Will try better tomorrow.

Weight: 86.5kg

Thanks everyone for your comments! NewVision, yes, I am indeed in Australia - but in the lowest city of the mainland so I really don't take the heat all that well hehehe. No Thanksgiving here, as you say. Which means I don't fully understand the dinner issues but just a few weeks after New Years is Australia Day and that's when a whole heap of people come over for an outside (or inside if the weather is bad) BBQ. That can be a killer - there are breadcrumbs added to pretty much everything - hamburger patties, sausages, etc. And baked potatoes and corn. Sides of coleslaw and potato salad. Thankfully, I've NEVER liked that stuff so I don't have the same pressures as some other people that make stark changes.

Harry, no I didn't end up having a snack later. I got home around 9.40pm and helped a friend move a few heavy things so I figured it was just too late by then. I learned early on not to have anything sweet in the evening bc the sugar just messes up my sleep. I would tend to just have more of whatever I had for dinner hehehe.

Vadim, please ... Crocodile Dundee???? That movie is probably older than I am, and I'm mid (late?)-20s. Maybe I can help educate you in some better Aussie cinema selections? ;) *wink*


  1. Hi Erika!

    I love that you are Australian. I dearly love Australian movies! I just watched Japanese Story starring Toni Collette. Perhaps you can recommend a couple of movies for me? :o)

  2. Hi Erika,
    I kept looking for the turkey, since it's Thanksgiving here! You reminded me of smoked salmon-good stuff! So many delicious things to eat on a low carb diet. Reading of all the water you drink-I'm the opposite. I rarely get thirsty and only have a little water each day. Coffee and wine are my main beverages, usually. I, too, need an update on Australian movies. I guess Crocodile Dundee has been awhile ago! Good movie though.

  3. Howdy, Erika.

    I think your menu's looking pretty sharp.

    Is there a total carb-count that you're trying to stay under? If so, what's the magic number?

    I haven't had a lot of mortadella in my days. But, you seem to like it a lot. So, I think I'll expand my horizons and try it out too. I do like salami and prosciutto.

    re: Australian films

    I recall a really fine Australian film from the early 90's. It was one of Russell Crowe's first films. The name of the film is "Proof". It's really quite good.

    Keep up the good work, Erika! It's a pleasure to visit your blog!

  4. lol, I admit not too savvy here on Australian movies. I dont mind the education, Erika! I hope you wont scream at me if I dont do my homework on time. Are you a kind teacher?