Monday, November 24, 2008

Day -1

Hi all,

Thanks so much for the encouragment guys! I've been travelling around your blogs a bit too - some have started and some haven't yet. Those that have are doing so well! It's awesome!!

As for me, it's the day before. I've been enjoying a bunch of fruit (fresh strawberries) and nuts and lattes and brie and SF choc.

I probably haven't overdone it with the carb count but it's NOT at all how I wish to continue the rest of my life. It's unsatisfying (in terms of hunger) and overall I don't feel healthier for it. I don't have much of a bounce in my step and couldn't be bothered going to the gym yesterday, so I didn't.

And today, who knows. Pilates is supposed to start in a little over an hour. Not sure if I'll get there or not. Can I use the excuse that I've just had my hair done and I don't want to ruin it? lol

Anyway, it's planning night tonight. If I'm to have any success at all, I need to be organised.

I have some frozen meat balls in the freezer, I was thinking of thawing them and baking them in the oven covered with a can of diced tomatoes that I've added herbs too. ... I don't know how high in carbs tomatoes are though. I think per serve it might end up around the 9g mark and maybe that's a little high.

Maybe I should lay it out - I may have days where I'm close to zero carbs depending on my mood, but overall I'd like to stay within 20-30g per day. I can't imagine eating any higher than that and not experiencing head spins and lethargy and all the other issues I have with carbs. Even protein can do it if my servings are too great.

So, that's the low down. I'm off to procrastinate a little more and at the last minute I might actually achieve something. ;)

Have a great day all!

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  1. Erika, cant wait to see your menus! I am checking on your blog every day., ets rock and roll!