Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday 28 November 2008

3 eggs fried in butter - 1.5g

125g Mortadella - 3.8g

Half a BBQ chicken - 0.5g

65g Mild salami - 2.3g

Shared a baked avocado filled with crab meat and tiger prawns with my mum - 1g
Sardine fillets on rocket and capsicum in salty lemon butter sauce. Side of vegies - broccoli, bok choy and green beans - 21.1g (all in the form of vegies)

Around 7 glasses of water and about 5 cups of stevia-sweetened black tea.

That gives a total of 30.2g carbs for the whole day. Not too bad considering their sources. :)

Thanks guys for all your comments! I'm off to the gym in a minute and then out for dinner after that so when I get back I'll update my menu and might even put together a list of some really good Aussie movies (that are younger than a decade old hahaha).

Happy Thanksgiving all, good luck with staying on plan. Must say, I can't really see it being a problem... isn't turkey the main food of the event?

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  1. I stayed on plan, for the most part, Erika!

    The only slip-up was having maybe one glass of wine too many. But, all in all, I think I did reasonably well.

    You recent post, that included salmon, reminded me of how much I enjoy salmon - in it's many forms.

    I'll have to add that to my shopping list. It's so tasty and the wild-variety is very good for you. Mmmm.