Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday 17 April 2009

OK, so I did something really silly today........

... I kinda opened my big mouth to my trainer about wanting to do some kind of 12-week body blitz style thing... and you know what? Already she's got me booked in for a boxing class AND a pilates class on Monday. And we're supposed to be meeting up before they start to go over an action plan, food and to discuss how much time I can allocate to training over the next 12 weeks.



  1. Sounds exciting! :-)

    It'll be cool to hitch a ride on your new diet and exercise program.

    Good luck! Have confidence that you can do it!

    And just remember this ... as a "side benefit", after the 12 weeks of boxing, you'll be able to kick some serious butt! :-)

  2. Boxing is the greatest sport as far as getting in shape! So if you decide to do it, have fun! You will definitely see results, guaranteed!

  3. Erika,

    Can you please e-mail me at I have a quick question to ask you.


  4. Go ERIKA!

    I just committed to 100 days of yoga postures - 10 minutes a day. Maybe we can keep each other on track.

  5. Great! When is Day 1 of the yoga commitment?