Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday 15 April 2009

Still thinking about signing up to that training... a friend has agreed with my suspicions that the contact time isn't really that impressive. I wonder how people get such good results? I guess they do it by themselves and just following the instructions. Which is good and all, but I'd rather buy the book which lasts forever.

Anyway, I guess when I really think about it - it's just over half a week's worth of pay. So it's expensive. And I already pay $360 per 12 weeks for my personal trainer.

I'm thinking I will just see how much more I can squeeze out of my trainer. Maybe I'll see if I can give the money to her instead and she can do the weekly checkins and stuff like that. I think she's a really good people reader so at the moment when I just want to cruise along and work out, she does that. If I tell her I want to do a body blitz type thing, I think she'd get really excited and want to do it straight away.

Now I'm excited

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