Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wednesday 8 April 2009

Well I often use an Aussie weight loss forum site too (just that it's low-fat based unfortunately) and I posted there about anyone having a spare SBD book they didn't want anymore. What luck! Not only did I get a person that would like to send me the book, but she sent it to me for free (said it was her good deed for the day) AND another lovely person has a paid subscription to their site until July or something and doesn't use it anymore. She gave me her login and the site looks fantastic. How great is that? *big smiles*

Thanks heaps Sadekat for the offer of the book, but I (hopefully) wont need it. Just depends on whether the books arrives as she said. I'll find out tomorrow or on Tuesday - darn Easter public holidays delaying the mail. Ruins my WebFlicks stuff too hehehe

I didn't know your husband runs a second hand book shop though. Is there an online catalogue or something? I'm also after the book Weevils in the Flour which has a few release dates... I think sometime in the 70s, again in the 80s and one more recently again. I'd be happy with any of those release dates if you have it.

So the plan is to learn all the SBD stuff, use the Shopping List on the site to go shopping this weekend, do a bit of cooking and then be on plan from Tues. Sound ok? ;)


  1. It sounds like things are coming together very well! Yours sounds like a great plan!

    Looking forward to seeing what your SBD menus will look (and taste) like. :-)

  2. To see our book inventory you can go to: :) If you see anything you like make sure you tell him you know me from my blog.

  3. Erika,
    I JUST pick up the SBD Book this weekend at a rummage sale for 75 cents. I've been looking for it too. A friend of mine was talking about all the LC recipe it has. She has tried a few and thought they were good. So I thought I would look around for one and WaLa I found it right off the bat. Must be fate. Then I come here and you are talking about it. Small world!