Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday 14 September 2009

Breakfast (finish 8.45am) - two hardboiled eggs, 110g zucchini, an apple.

Lunch (finish 2.15pm) - 130g tuna in my oil on spinach and 135g red capsicum, a pear.

Dinner (finish 8.20pm) - 140g smoked salmon, 145g cauliflower and seed mixture.

Been doing a lot of relaxation a lot the last few days, I think it's really helping. I'm finding I sleep when I go to bed and I wake up before my alarm goes off. I'm still a bit tired during the day, but I can see the improvements so that's great!!


  1. That's great about your relaxation helping you sleep. If I wake up before my alarm, I just groan and roll over.. LOL

  2. I really find it helps. I wonder if it might help you too? What do you think?