Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday 18 September 2009

Breakfast (finish 8.40am) - 200g yogurt, 100g strawberries, seed mixture.

Lunch (finish 2.20pm) - 130g tuna in my oil on lettuce, cucumber and celery, an apple.

Dinner (finish 8.35pm) - 140g barrumundi, 145g cauliflower.

Well I had a good day at work today, then went home and for some reason my bf only wanted to watch WCW related stuff. I mean, I like the show, but I was sooooo tired I think I went to sleep lol.

Ah well, he means well, right? ;)


  1. Maybe he knew you were tired from the week and needed some sleep? ;-)

    Happy that your work day went well. Hope your weekend is a good one and wrestling-free. :-)

  2. I hope all is well with you Erika.