Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday 6 September 2009

Come on, is there ANYTHING more attractive than this pic? lol

Breakfast/Brunch (finish 2.10pm) - vegetable lasagne, two diet cokes and a stevia-sweetened English Breakfast tea.

Dinner (finish 8.40pm) - 140g smoked salmon, 145g broccoli, seed mixture, an apple, oil/vinegar.

Happy Father's Day everyone! For Father's Day this year, my mum and my step-dad went to a winery about 30-40min away and had a gorgeous lunch. I had a vegetable lasagne (boy was I pleased when I found out it didn't contain any pasta!) which was mainly eggplant, capsicum and cheese. There were prob other veggies in there I couldn't identify, but it was really a veggie stack with some cheese. Yum! I skipped on dessert. Oh, had a sip of a really expensive wine too (just to see what expensive, award-winning wine was like).

So I've spent most of today and last night watching youtube vids with makeup and hair tutorials. I tried out one of the looks, this one:

It actually came out ok! I know NOTHING about makeup, never really wear the stuff. I didn't even know there was such thing as primer and although I tried to follow this, I don't own bronzer, brushes or much else of what she was using. Anyway, I was still pleasantly surprised so if I can make a day-time, work-appropriate version, I might see if I can make this a bit more regular. I've already picked up on my skin moisturisation and lip gloss (ah la a post I made ages ago about grooming).

So, it's just the next step! I'll take a pic next time and post it here for a bit of scrutiny :)

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