Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday 9 December 2008

3 eggs fried in butter - 1.5g

Mortadella and swiss cheese rolls - 4.6g

Mortadella and swiss cheese rolls - 4.6g

3 eggs fried in butter with a dollop of liverwurst - 1.7g

Cream - 5.4g

Harry's burrito in a bowl - 6.9g

Two cups of tea with milk - 1g - lots of water.

That gives a total of 25.7g total carbs for the day. Not too bad! I was thinking it would be more given the high numbers for each meal, but ah well. I feel fantastic, and my pants are nice and loose. The only thing is when I went to the supermarket I put my purse in my pocket which weighed in down and I had to hold them up. Ooops!

Did good at the gym today, I upped the weights for my legs and I'm showing tone. Yay!

For those using the other system - I weighed about 235lb at the end of last year, and now I'm about 187lb. Aiming to reach 135 (again). And for those on my scale, I was 106kg, now about 85kg and aim to reach 60-61kg or so.


I am happy to announce that our party has been relocated to the The Queenberry Room. With the weather so cool and unreliable we will now be celebrating in a beautiful, ornate setting, feasting on:-
· Mini Arancini balls (veggie)
· Mini Bagels with prosciutto, bri and rocket
· Lime cured calamari spoons topped with shredded nori
· Mini noodle boxes with beef and Asian greens
· Pecking duck wontons
· Veggie risotto cups
· Mini morroccan lamb wraps with cucumber dressing and lettuce
· Tempura prawns with Ponzu dipping sauce

Not looking forward to my work Christmas do now after seeing the menu. Everyone else was coo-ing over it and asking me how wonderful I thought it was. Now, I should state right now I haven't had a single type of grain since Nov last year (with one week out in prep for my GTT). I'll have to eat first and brush up on my food refusal skills.

For those that asked - 'bikkies' are 'biscuits', otherwise known as 'cookies' in your part of the world I believe :) Rocket is some kind of green - you've probably eaten it in a lettuce mix and not known.


  1. Erika, I have been trying for ages to post to your blog. Let's see if it works from this computer. (fingers crossed)

    I'm not sure what the darn is for - that sounds really nice. What is rocket?

    Calamari with nori should be good and the lamb wraps may not be too bad or easy to pick apart. If the tempura is done right it should be easy to slip off the shrimp?

    Okay.... okay... yeah, not such a LC friendly menu, is it?

  2. Rocket is very similar to Arugula - a spicy lettuce.

    Eat the insides of the bagels?

    Good luck - it doesn't look like it will be easy, food-wise!

  3. Lovely menu!

    I have more fun watching people eat. They are surprised when I say no to treats.

  4. Erika,
    You have a great plan for the holiday meal. Eat before you go. Only take on your plate what you can have. Mingle, mingle, mingle. As long as they see you eating something, they probably won't notice what your NOT eating.

  5. Love your posts! Congrats on the weight loss!! GO ERIKA!! Did you do it all on low carb? After I asked about the bikkies, I thought it might be biscuits.

    I feel fantastic, and my pants are nice and loose. The only thing is when I went to the supermarket I put my purse in my pocket which weighed in down and I had to hold them up. Ooops!

    Love it! Well, not you losing your britches but baggy, oh yea.

  6. "Mortadella and swiss cheese rolls "

    Do you have a recipe for this ? and what is mortadella ?

  7. Rocket is Arugula, I had the same lost in translation moment with my husband. He eats lots of greens and we've made use of his bible(turkish~english dictionary) and wikipedia. I like it, but only in small doses. My husband is part goat really, He eats alot of greens.
    Way to go on the weight loss Erika! You have lost quite a bit. Do you ever cheat on your diet?

  8. Congrats on doing so well, Erika.

    It's a pleasure to see!