Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday 20 December 2008

Harry's burrito in a bowl - 5g

130g raspberries - 15.5g

Harry's burrito in a bowl - 5.5g
1/2 a SF choc - 2.1g

SF choc - 4.1g
LC biscuit - 2.1g

Lamb roast

One black tea, half a tea with milk - 0.5g - four glasses of water.

It's funny. I was thinking earlier about why I'm hungry and want to have silly foods. Only when I listed it here with times did I realise I hadn't eaten anything filling between 11 and 5pm. No wonder!


  1. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Erika. :)

    I love lamb. How was it?

  2. Erika I used lo love russian lamb, but here in states it has a funny smell to it. I was never much of a meat eater to begin with. I was always known as a bear and if people wanted to get on my good side they would always bring me sweet stuff, like cookies, ice creams and donuts. I used to always say if God descended onEarth and would only allow me to eat one food every day for the rest of my life, it would have to be ice cream. i could really be happy eating nothing but ice cream all day long. I guess until that happens and God gives me that option is not much of an option. So I have to find my way and my road back to low carb again. I know thats what my body wants and deserves. lately I slipped again. SO Erika I see you are back on your low carb horse again, why dont swing by and pcik me up so I can enjoy a low carb ride too! Hey have a fun weekend but dont do anything I would do! Peace, sister!

  3. Hi Erika, Harry, & Vadim, My hubby buys lamb frequently and he agrees with you Vadim, it has a funny smell and slightly different taste than Turkish lamb. He has speculated that it could be because the lambs are killed older than he is accustom to. The lamb we buy usually is from the local university, and has a strong flavor to it. When we can afford it, we splurge on New Zealand lamb that one of the specialty markets carries. That I really enjoy, and you can see the difference in the taste (really good) and the tenderness of the meat.

  4. Hey Erika,
    I always want to spell your name with a C because that is how my niece spells her name. Sorry about that.
    Hope your cravings are doing better. I was sure craving a McDonald's sausage cheese biscuit this morning.
    I noticed you had LC biscuit listed on your menu. How good is that? What brand was this? Is that the same brand you told me about before?
    Sorry for all the questions.
    Hang in there!