Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday 30 December 2008

3 eggs fried in butter - 1.5g

Harry's burrito in a bowl - 4g

1/2 SF choc, cream - 4.3g

Lemon butter barramundi - 0g

8 glasses of water, one cup tea with milk and two cups tea with heavy cream - 2.1g

That gives a total of 19.6g carbs for today. Which isn't too bad - though I feel I MUST be forgetting something! I'm almost in "pre-fast" mode, which isn't very balanced. Though the strangest thing... it's only psychological. Physically I am not and do not want anything further. No cravings I haven't satisfied. And I've learned enough over such a long period of time that physiology always wins now. So, no gorging for me.

I'm both excited and hesitant to see how the Master Cleanse goes. To begin on 2 Jan.


  1. Your menus look good (except I couldn't handle all that water-ha) Where's the recipe for Harry's burrito-in-a-bowl?

  2. You are a brave girl to try master cleanse. I looked it up once on the internet and found a blog of one girl's experience. It was quite interesting. You will have to blog us through it with you.