Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday 2 December 2008

Jarlsberg rolls are just a large slice of jarlsberg cheese rolled up with mortadella (or whatever I choose). Nothing fancy ;)

3 eggs fried in butter - 1.5g

Mortadella and jarlsberg rolls - 4.4g

Salami and jarlsberg rolls - 4.4g

Half a bowl of lettuce - 2.4g

About 8 glasses of water, two cups of black coffee and three cups of black tea.

That gives a total of 12.7g carbs for the day.

Weight: 86.3kg

It's amazing how much just eating well influences you. I've been energised and at the gym more than usual - getting my stamina back. :)

I think I need to choose my food a bit better though, the deli meats are just high in carbs but probably not very good for me overall. Not sure what I should change to though...


  1. Yeah, those deli meats are very handy. I guess you could cook up some steak and have it in bite-sized pieces to roll up in cheese. What is mortadella?

  2. Erika my God you look hot in that picture! I didnt know you could squat that much. It looks like whatever you are oding is working quite well. But all jokes aside, you are doing quite well on your diet front, and I am sure you look even better then that girl in the picture! Good job, keep it up! And I might still your idea of rolls!

  3. Good day, Erika.

    The things I try to avoid in deli meats are the nitrates. But, I think you might also be referring to the sodium content of these deli-meats?

    You can always try to use natural turkey or ham slices instead of the cured meats.

    Cured meats are generally fattier and stronger tasting though. That why it's helpful, IMO, to combine uncured meats with other flavorful and fatty ingredients.

    I try to accomplish this by making turkey or ham "tacos". But, that's just my wacky solution. :-)

    Another option just popped to mind. Do you like tuna salad or salmon salad. That's an easy way to have an all-in-one meal. Lots of protein, fat, favor (if the right ingredients are used), no nitrates and low in sodium (if you season it yourself).

    Do I get a prize for typing the longest comment on today's blog?