Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday 22 December 2008

3 eggs fried in butter - 1.5g

60g cucumber - 2.2g

Left over lamb roast - 0g

SF choc - 4.1g

Harry's burrito in a bowl - 5g

4 strawberries and a celery stick with tzatziki - 9.6g... that's gotta be wrong... right? A tiny bit of swiss and ham I picked out of one of the sandwich triangles. I'm going to count those as zero.

The insides of a meat pie and a green salad - I can't find a count for this as it's always listed with the pastry. With the pastry it would be 37.8g. Phew! Glad I skipped that one! - going to give it 3g

6 glasses of water, three cups of tea with milk - 2.5g - one black tea.

That gives a total of 27.9g carbs for the day, which is within my limits.

Stinking hot today... at least it's cooler for the rest of the week to come. Day 2 of TOM (it arrived a little later than expected) and I feel HUGE.

Did you notice yesterday I didn't have any SF choc? Woooo I'm cutting down!!

Spent the day trying to think of other things besides my bf being gone. Like NewVision said - I can choose to make it so he comes home to a slimmer me!

Thank you for all the Comments and support. I really appreciate it.

The lamb roast was great, I had a bit of zucchini and celery on the side too, but didn't get a chance to add it into my blog. I've never heard of NZ Lamb lol. I just get normal lamb and it's absolutely to-die-for. Maybe I get NZ lamb without knowing it? Speaking of which, the "LC Biscuits" I refer to are Kiwi. They are technically called "protein cookies" and here is a link to read more.

OK, so, idea time!

I posed a question in one of my

NewVision: Vadim, how about just doing Low Carb with me
Erika: NewVision, is that offer open to all? I'm getting an idea... we could maybe plan a day a week together (or as a group) of food and just follow that day.

Lynn, you reminded me of it. So, I'm going to count you in!! Any other takers? I think this might be fun! And as we don't have all the same shops/products available, I would think whatever we come up with will have to be good, wholesome food. Who's in?


  1. Erika,
    I thot your idea on Vadim's site was interesting. Count me in if ya'll decide to try it.

  2. Good day, Erika.

    I can't join you guys on this adventure. But, I'll be watching on the side-lines with both interest and a blowhorn in hand. :)

    I'll be like a cheerleader - except fatter and hairier!

    BTW - I think this is a good idea for an experiment. I've just got too many other things I'm juggling to add one more detail to the mix. That's the only reason why I can't participate at the moment.

    Good luck and stay cool!

  3. Erika, I am definitley in! But cant we wait until after New Year? I need to do this little personal thing, called protein shake one week bust out of my failure routine! Wait for me guys, I am coming!

  4. I never thought about just eating the INSIDE of a meat pie....suppose the only carbs are in the gravy, eh? Probably the same with a sausage roll. Thanks for this idea! I've been giving them a miss, but occasionally, you just need a good ozzie pie or sausage roll!

    Oh, and I hear you about the burrito bowl.....I get on long-term food 'kicks' too.