Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday 5 December 2008

3 eggs fried in butter - 1.5g

Salted mixed nuts - 4g

Jarlsberg and salami rolls - 5.5g
95 tin of tuna in oil - 0g

Jarlsberg and mortadella rolls - 3.4g

Bowl of asparagus and green beans in butter - 6.7g

Chicken Tikka - ummm 1g?

One cup of coffee, two cups of ginger tea, one diet coke and tons of water.

That gives a total of 22.5g for the day. Ohhh and I forgot yesterday to report a protein bar that I have, so add 4.7g to yesterday's total.

Went to the gym, it's just too hot this time of year but I still did my best. :)

Thanks for the comments, everyone! You know I tend to feel self conscious in the boys section of the gym (well, it's actually the "Mixed Gym") because I have big boobs but I kinda like lifting heavier weights than would be expected and even matching some of the guys. It's pretty cool hehehe.

I don't make the BBQ chicken myself, I just pop over the street to get it - without the stuffing that is. Ewwww you couldn't PAY me to eat that stuff!

Paul, a lot of people I know don't count the carbs in eggs. I do ... I guess I don't find them as filling as other people and I can really over-indulge. Does that sound like you?

Harry, I'll give that burrito thing a go! So do you put anything with the minced meat (like some kind of chilli sauce) or purely the ingredients you've listed? It sounds great!

Sadekat, I didn't even miss the deli meats yesterday! But, they were back today. I had to get money out to renew my Personal Trainer today so I needed to buy something. I also bought some Latvian Liverwurst. I thought it was WAY higher in carbs than it is - only 1.5g for 100g!! Have you ever tried it?


  1. Hey, hey, hey, Erika.

    The "burrito bowl" is super simple to make. And, it's versatile. You can add so many other ingredients if you choose to.

    Here's the basic version I use:

    seasoned minced meat
    sour cream
    spicy salsa (only about 2 carbs per serving)
    shredded cheddar cheese

    That's it. I think I may try making the minced meat myself next time. I'll likely add more garlic and perhaps some onions to the party.

    The taste really reminds of a burrito I used to enjoy - minus the beans.

    How did you like the liverwurst? I've found that my taste for stronger flavored foods has increased since starting to low-carb.

  2. Hi Harry,

    Thanks for the recipe! I don't think seasoned mince exists around here... or maybe only in boutique shops. I'll just add some cayenne, paprika, a few other odds and sods. How does that sound? :)

    Having a Latvian background I've found liverwurst and other European flavours are just part of my upbringing hehehe. I did give it a skip though, when I just figured that the carbs would be high. I'd never actually looked it up though! Silly me.

    What sorts of new foods have you been experimenting with?

  3. I can't say I have ever tried liverwurst. If it actually has liver in it I can say a solid NO I won't try it. LOL I despise liver, even the smell makes me cringe.

  4. HI Erika! I cant beleive it but I was finally able to convince my computer to open you up! So wonderful to be back on your cite. Hey dont feel self-conscious about boobs and gym stage. There is nothing wrong with a confident women! And let me spill the beans a bit here! I am for one a chest man myself, and I have to admit its hard not to pick at a beautiful woman at the gym. i even did it few times in front of my ex! But i didnt do it on purpose! I just loooooove women and its like a reflex or something, booom and my neck just starts wondering! Your menus look like you are in control girl, great job!

  5. By the way, i have never seen your boobs, so i will have to take your word for it, but your smile is quite infectious! You rock girl! and where is a list of those modern Australian movies you promised me! I cant watch dundy any more!

  6. I know what you mean about the gym being hot this time of year....I dread when the heat REALLY gets here. So far, here on the South Coast of NSW, summer temps haven't arrived.

    I used to feel intimidated at the gym also - especially when the BIG BUFF BOYS were there in the winter months - but now I just march in like I own the place. :) (Well, maybe not quite that confident...but MORE confident than ever before!).

    I think the more you go to a place, the more you become a part of it and the comfort level increased accordingly.

    I'm drawing a bit of a blank but didn't you say that you have done the Slow Burn method of lifting before? I've been doing it for about 5 weeks and really enjoying it. People look at me a bit funny when I'm doing it - but I just ignore them.


  7. Thanks for your posts!

    Sybil, I haven't done the Slow Burn Method before - haven't even heard of it! It sounds good though. I always try to do all my reps slowly :)

    So that makes two of us Aussies round these parts! ;) I'll be up in NSW (Sydney) in Feb actually. Sad I'll miss the Monet show though. You closer to the Vic border?

    Oh and those 'big buff boys' hehehe. They don't worry me, they use "help" to get them where they are I think.

    Vadim, I can suggest all my favourite Aussie movies but they might not all be the genre you like (I tend to like the movies that are a little off-beat). This link has a huge list of Aussie movies, but it's by no means comprehensive.

    Sorry, you'll need to scroll down to 'Australian'. I can't get a direct link.