Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday 13 December 2008

100g smoked salmon - 0.5g

150ml cream and 20g raspberries (last of them) - 6.3g

Harry's burrito in a bowl - 6g (I made a huge batch of this, so you'll see it a few more times until I run out)

Harry's burrito in a bowl - 7g

My Christmas function - I ate not one of the appetisers and instead had two diet cokes.

Totals for the day came in at 19.8g.

So catch up from yesterday:
My totals came in at 31.5g carbs for the day. Somehow I still managed to get up Sat morning and go to the gym 10.30am though so I'm not doing too badly :)

BAYOUBABE and JIMMY MOORE - in answer to your question I have linked my reference above to the Comment Harry left on this blog not too long ago to explain it. In proportions and without the availability of pre-seasoned meat, I make it this way:

600g Minced Beef
Cayenne Pepper
Meat Ball Spices
Cracked Black Pepper

2 tbsp Hot or Mild Salsa - per serve
2-3tbsp Sour Cream - per serve
35g Grated Tasty Cheese - per serve

Cook up the meat with the spices until nice and brown and the meat is all broken up. Then put in bowl, top with the salsa, then the sour cream and finally the cheese.

I have missed the cheese lately (through disorganisation) and haven't noticed much difference so it's up to you whether you use this or not.

By my counts, this entire batch which serves me 5-6 times comes in at:
33.6g carbs; 195.1g protein; 3291 cals.

Thanks Geraldo for your Christmas wishes.

Bayoubabe, you're right - cherries are high in carb. Better than the processed junk I would think, but still something to keep in mind. Good thing your friend let you know so soon!

Vadim, I don't actually know what I lift. Ummmm probably something no where near as impressive as I might come across. It's just I'm proud hehehe.

I think I did 12kg chest presses today. That's the one where you sit on an inclined bench on your back with dumbbell in each hand and raise them from your arm pit out to the ceiling at rough nipple height. I did squats in a machine at 20kg each side too - that was a killer!! I did these funny ones where you hold weights in each hand ... umm I think I'll need a pic for this one.

Vadim, not married just been with my bf about 4 years now. He doesn't eat my cooking though - lives on beer and pizza. Ah well, at least we have Indian food in common hahaha.

Thanks Sonya and NewVision for your encouragement :)

Sybil, really? What's so good about Aussie deli chicken? I've never tried it - looks a bit too foreign to me hahaha. Chickens don't grow squared ;)


  1. Good day, Erika.

    I'm honored that you named a dish after me!

    Do you like lamb meat? I bought some ground lamb meat earlier this week and made the burrito bowl with that - instead of ground beef. It was an interesting change o' pace.

    Good luck at the Christmas shingdig tonight. Hope you have a great time!

  2. Maybe they aren't called deli chickens....I just get mine at the deli at the local Cole's store. They are the roasted (maybe BBQd?) chickens. It's probably my Americanism that thinks of BBQ'd chicken as having BBQ sauce on it.

    I like the 'fall off the bone' tenderness....the flavor.....probably it's just that I love love love chicken - pretty much any kind of chicken. I have a friend who thinks I'm crazy....his wife put him on a diet and by the end of it, he was calling it "effin chicken".

    Oh, now I'm going to have to buy one tomorrow when I get

    Good job on getting to the gym this morning - and on Saturday no less. Dedication!

  3. Good luck at the do tonight. You'll "do" just fine, I'm sure. :)

    Try shredding (not chopping) some onion when you cook up that meat. I don't know why, but the shredding gives the onion a different taste to me. I learned that technique when I was experimenting with Middle Eastern recipes and lamb.

  4. Erika, I am so happy you didnt tell me you lift more than me. I would need to do another challende, and that could get to me. One is enouph for me. But you are doing great, girl for a girl! Keep doing those lifts, they are you best friend or for your body! Being dating for 4 years, where is the ring? Tell you BF there are others who might give him a run for his money and those others are low carb, lol. Stay strong!

  5. Good going at the Christmas party, Erika!

    As a reward I'll send you some tuna mix! :)