Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday 28 December 2008

Challenge Alert!!

Harry's burrito in a bowl - 6g

100ml cream - 2.1g

1/6 SF choc, mixed nuts - 6.5g

Social BBQ - two satay beef skewers (which I put together myself so it was totally lc), one hamburger rissole, some BBQ chicken and green salad with dressing I made myself - 3g

Four glasses of water and half a black cup of tea. Nearly a litre of pepsi max at the BBQ (better than what they were drinking) - 0g

That gives a total of 17.6g carbs for today.


On the 16th of Jan I will be climbing through some caves. Now, Oct of 07 I last tried this cave and embarrassingly got stuck. Ahh!! I had a whole crew of people (well, 3) drag me out with lots of pushing and some rope. I do NOT want this to happen again!

Scary thing is, I'm not much different in weight now to what I was then (I gained after that incident and have lost weight again) so I need a bit of a fast forward. Any suggestions? I'm happy to be deprived for a little while - it's only a few weeks. I also plan to go to the gym a lot to build up my muscle which is metabolically active and will physically help me with all the crawling around.

I was initially thinking maybe a liquid fast like Vadim, but after looking at his stats of 22g carbs and 1350 cals I think I can eat proper food for that. So... I don't know!

The reason this is so last minute, is we were to do a nicer cave on the Sat and some rope/harness work on the Sunday but the vote was taken and the majority would prefer to do a cave on Sunday.... and it's THAT cave!



  1. I'd be crappin' my pants, Erika! And, I'd be coming up with an excuse to not participate - but that's my way of dealing with situations.

    Did you have any luck with the Kelly Howell CDs? She has a website where you can directly download MP3 files if you don't have luck with ebay or itunes.

  2. I've done caves before. My problem was more with muscle fatigue than anything. Endurance wise is what I mean, so do lots of repetitions of an exercise for your ankles, etc and let us know how it turns out !

  3. Let us know how the caves turn out. Good Luck!

  4. Erika, protein fast can be helpful in many ways, especially if you only do it for a week or two. But it is very hard. I wasnt hungry but I was getting bored and was craving real food. You will loose weigh though really fast. And you will do better then me, you have a better control. Try Isopure brand, it has 0 carbs for 2 scoops and 50 grams of protein. Or even better then protein shakes would be fat fast!