Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday 9 January 2009

DecisionsIt's 10.15am and I haven't eaten anything yet. I can't decide what to have. I'm getting ready to go to the gym to see my trainer for the first time since before Christmas. Back still sore so will try to take it easy there.

I'm having such a hard time making decisions right now.

I'm not really moving any weight at the moment.

Keeping my carbs 18-30g per day isn't working. Fasting works but it's not comfortable and I feel if I did it any longer, I'd lose the balance it's taken a while to get my body into where I really don't crave anything, I have my health back and I don't obsess about food. Low fat worked for me in terms of weight loss but I had no energy, it took over my life because I was constantly fighting cravings and my health really suffered. I was weak too.

I realised during fasting (continuing on from yesterday's list) that I associate being fat with eating luxurious foods. And that if I'm skinny then I'll have to have that battle I mentioned just above. Low fat is the only way I have gone below 70kgs before.

This is depressing (not clinically, don't worry). I'm not very happy. I hate indecisiveness. I just need to make a decision and go with it.

Maybe I need to start counting cals like Jimmy Moore is doing right now? I know I need to cut out the sf chocs. I rarely have diet soft drinks so I don't care about those.

But then, how many cals is the next question? And will I need to start weighing things again??? Are there any "free" foods on a plan like that where I can give my mind a break for a little while?

I tried the Meat & Egg fast for about 4 weeks a few months ago. Easy to follow but I didn't get any weight loss from it. I think you replace the carbs with protein so that prevents any weight loss.

On the other hand, what if I'm one of those people that needs higher carbs? Maybe I should be eating around 150g or more?

Because of my stature, sometimes I think I'm one of those 'born to be strong' people. Only sometimes     so maybe I should be following a body builder's diet or something.

I have no idea. I think I'm going to go to the gym on an empty stomach.


  1. Gosh Erika I can relate so much to what you wrote! It is terribly difficult to know what the right thing for each of is. Even nutritionists don't know what's right for us. They just spew the stereotypical party line for the most part. :(

    Hang in there and keep reading and doing your research. I know you will get it figured out one day if you just keep trying one day at a time girl! :hugs:

  2. Hey Erika,
    I totally know where you are at also. It's a difficult spot to be in. I don't know whether I'm eating TOO much, not ENOUGH, not the right combination or is my body just at a set point and I need to practice patience? It's so hard to know what to do....

    I'm doing the one month experiment of keeping my carbs below 20 and my calories averaging 1400-1600 yet today I've been starving and I'll end up well over the 1600 mark. I'm 1/3 through the month and I'm very curious how this month will play out. I'd love to eat true Atkins - just worry about the carbs - but I'm not convinced that I can truly do that anymore.

    I have no advice....but I do have the answer to your question about yogurt! This is what I had the other day.....

    Diary Farmers Thick & Creamy Light
    per 170 gm: 97 cal/9.9 carbs

    Also....'sybil' is a reference to my 'multiple personalities'. :) Some may say 'multiple personality DISORDER' but I tend to enjoy the different 'people' that occupy my mind, heart and soul. Gives variety to my day. teehee


  3. Howdy, Erika.

    Sorry for tough times. :(

    I think you may need to experiment. I know you've already done some of that. But, perhaps you'll need to do more?

    Jimmy had to tinker around quite a bit to re-find the recipe for loss. Maybe you can methodically eliminate and shift things until you find the right solution for you. I know that's much easier said than done though.

    How about making a list of EVERY strategy you've tried and failed with. Then, maybe we (your devoted blog readers) can offer suggestions about other options possibly worth trying? Just a thought. :)

    Hang in there!

  4. erika, have you tried eating more fish? Fish is awesome source of fatty acids and protein, yet it is so easy to metabaloze! i know that every time I start eating fish and vegetables I tend to lose faster. unfortunately i am lazy and moody, and only cook when I am up to it! Can you give fish a try?