Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday 3 January 2009

Liver Flush - Day 2

See these links for a brief on my current task: How and Why.

Woke up at 9.45am (I love the holidays!) this morning. I miss-read the instructions and thought they said do nothing until 2hrs after you wake up when you have another epsom salts drink.

At 10.20am I re-read the instructions (I'm bad at instructions, has anyone else noticed this?) and it said I should have had the drink as soon as I woke up and it's the next drink I have after 2hrs. Thankfully the instructions say I can wait for any nausea to pass before I have it - I have no nausea or discomfort of ANY kind, but it means the timing isn't so strict for this one.

At 10.55am I build up the courage to actually take the drink I realised like half an hour ago I should have had. This time I added True Lime. Still disgusting, but at least I only have one more. Yay!!!

It's 12.05pm, I've had my first proper trip to the toilet and my body is telling me it really needs to lie down for a while. This no-drinking-between-tonics thing is the hardest part of it all. Off to bed....

It's now 1pm and I've just chugged down the very final epsom salts drink! Woohoo!!!! Back to bed now.

It's 1.15pm, I didn't go to bed. I've had enough rest. I want to get up and do stuff! And I'm hungry again now. I'm amazed I've gone this long without really being hungry so that's nice. But now I am. Only 1hr 45mins until I can have my "fruit juice" (which for an lc'er like me is True Something (Lemon, Lime or Orange) in water with stevia). Then 2hrs after that is food. I want food!

It's 4.50pm, at 3pm I finished the flush with a nice hot cup of peppermint tea. At 3.30pm I had some brie with prociutto and at 4pm I had a nice big bowl of Harry's burrito in a bowl.

I'm the same as NewVision and probably millions of others - I don't want to throw away good food. I've tried for the last week or so to eat what I have in the fridge and not buy anything more. I even finished off my veggies yesterday. I have one more big bowl of the burrito in a bowl and half a tub of heavy cream left. That should do me for the rest of the day ... because ... I'm not hungry!!

The master cleanse begins tomorrow and it seems I have to go lemon shopping hehehe.

It's now 8.40pm, I've had some strawberries with cream and a nice cup of tea. You know I'm thinking the feeling in my head yesterday was due to caffeine withdrawals hehe. Ah well, I'll be going through it again tomorrow then.

I've just come back from my 8th trip to the loo today and I'm passing more and more stones. I'm amazed! Seriously, I only did the Liver Flush because the instructions stressed how important it is and the Master Cleanse might be dangerous otherwise, for some people. I didn't think I would have anything to pass. But I do! Maybe 40 or so! Thankfully they're fairly soft (I gloved up, don't worry) so I'd say I'm not in any immediate danger of hardened stones. Yay!

Been shopping, still need to have that last serving of Harry's burrito in a bowl. If I don't get to it, I'll give it to my mum or something. She loves it. Off to watch The Iron Chef now - they have a female contestant :)

It's 12.15am now, I had my last food a while ago. I count the next day as midnight (and so should anyone else that's prone to bingeing!) so I'm officially on the Master Cleanse already - though I'm stuffed from my dinner much earlier.

I'm yawning, good night all!


  1. Thanks for sharing your journey, Erika. I certainly couldn't do matter how much I'd want to go through the cave. You've got my support and admiration girl!

    Dropping my calories/carbs for a month long experiment sure doesn't seem as hard now. :)

    Where do you get the True Lime from?