Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday 29 January 2009

Hi all,

Thanks for the well wishes about the heat. It's record-breaking.

Sizzling temps may climb past record - THE soaring temperature in Adelaide has threatened the national capital city record of 46.2C, set in Perth in 1991.

Worst to come for firefighters - FIREFIGHTERS have worked through the night to contain fires before Victoria is hit by more scorching hot conditions and high winds today.

Power Supplies on Brink of Meltdown - VICTORIA is on the brink of a power meltdown as the blistering heatwave drains electricity supplies.

Water storage levels fall 1.6b litres - MELBOURNE'S water storages fell 1.6 billion litres in 24 hours as people turned on taps with the city sizzling in 40C-plus temperatures.

Heat buckles Melbourne rail lines - CONNEX has warned commuters to prepare for mass delays as Melbourne's rail network buckles in 42C heat.

It was 43.4C yesterday, and much the same today - which is roughly 110F. And forcast is 43C again tomorrow. Apparently this kind of heatwave hasn't happened since 1908 - when no-one had aircon! Those poor over-clothed people! hehehe

Anyway, pretty hot in my opinion, especially considering I'm pretty far south of the mainland of Aust so it shouldn't be getting so stupidly hot here. I feel sorry for the people everywhere else!

My stats for today:
You have used 1324 out of your net daily budget of 1500 calories and have 176 calories remaining. 73% of the calories are from fat, 19% from protein, 8% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.


  1. Do you want me to ship you some of my snow. We have a bunch, honest. I have enough to share. Hehehe
    It sounds so funny to hear you talking about he heat when we are shoveling snow. LOL
    Hang in there, I hope it passes soon.
    Just wondering, you stopped posting your menus, any reason?

  2. Erika,
    Hey, where ya been?
    Hope all is well.
    Come out, come out, where ever you are. :)

  3. Hi Erika,
    Hope you're well and it's cooler there now.