Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday 5 January 2009

Master Cleanse - Day 2

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I have fixed the broken link - thanks for the heads up!

It's 8.40am, I've been at work for 40mins. Not too hungry but I have my mindless mind on hehe which means every now and then I'm like "I could really use some food", and then I remember. I did start this morning with one of those drinks. The instructions say I'm supposed to start each morning with a 'salt water bath' - which is 2tsp of salt in 1L of water. It's supposed to be an intestinal flush. I remember how horrible that was, even years later. So I'm putting it off. I'll try to do it tomorrow.

Thanks for your Comment, Lynn. :) The "Why" link is supposed to take you .... ahhh I know why. It's on the next page over. I'll fix it - it's about the cave and stuff which is why it's only two weeks. It's funny I keep forgetting this is supposed to make you healthier as well as smaller ;) How superficial of me.

It's now 11.40am and I've just had my second drink for today. Feeling good.

It's 1pm, I'm getting hungry again. The hard part about all this is I need to ensure my meal times are not when everyone else takes them or I'll get all sorts of questions. I really hate being questioned. My parents do it all the time and it drives me nuts hehehe.

I was worried about a few things during this fast - lethargy, mental clarity, irritability, muscular strength, etc. None have happened yet and it's Day 2! Yay!!! I'm actually quite cheerful. It's weird, I remember reading people's feedback on forums and they would mention this mysterious feeling of "inner calm". I've got that right now. Don't know how long it will last ;) but it's here for the moment!

It's 3pm, and I'm doing just fine. Thanks for asking ;) I had another drink at lunch time. I think, more than anything, my mouth is missing being used.

It's 3.55pm, I'm getting ready to go home. I'm actually feeling a bit of pain in my stomach. Not good.

It's 5.30pm and I've just had another drink. I'm getting ready for pilates tonight. I put off my personal training session until Friday. Will see how it goes :)

It's 8.55pm, I was doing really well tonight, barely feeling hungry or uncomfortable at all ... then I was delt a bit of a blow. I was sent an email amending the caving timetable again. "THAT" cave is still on for the Sunday, no surprises there. BUT an additional cave has been added to the Saturday - which means I'll have to pack all my food for lunch and dinner. Not the biggest issue, but very hard to do when you're fasting. I'm really worried about bloat when I begin the re-feeding but I can't forsee I'll have the stamina necessary if I don't re-feed in time. Who knows though, maybe I'm wrong.

The biggest issue(s) though...
The drive to the first cave, leaving at 9am, takes one hour and requires a 4WD. It is located just off the track approx 4 Km from the nearest intersection. This section of track takes 15 minutes to descend so vehicle shuttles are undesirable. This is one of Victoria’s deepest caves perched high up above the river.

The second cave is located only 1.5 Km away as the crow flies. It is a 40 minute drive between the two. Again 4WD’s are required to descend the creek track 5.3 km towards the cave. The cave is only a short 200m walk from the track.

This is a wet cave with an active stream flowing through it. The full length of it is 500m however we only intend to explore 300m. You will be FULLY IMMERSED in the water up to your mouth so a light weight wetsuit is required as well as thorough waterproofing of important items carried in your cave pack. There is a bit of crawling in the water so I recommend that you attach a tether between your cave pack and waist belt. Cave pack should drag about 30 cm behind your feet.

Scared. I already have to squeeze through the dry caves. I'm just too fat for this. Fasting for 2 weeks could produce, what, 2kgs loss? 5kgs? That would be unbelievable, and even that wouldn't be enough.



  1. I'm following your experiment with interest, Erika.

    I admire your dedication! You're doing great!

  2. I ask this with the best of intention......ARE YOU NUTS GIRL??? !! are a brave couldn't get me to do the cave business.....I am watching you (ok, READING you) with awe! It would scare the begeezes out of me.

  3. The cave stuff sounds exciting. I couldn't do caves because I DO NOT enjoy enclosed spaces. Have you ever been to Luray Caverns in Virginia? A long way for you of course!
    Good luck on the cleansing. I will now go read why you're doing this!