Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday 13 January 2009

Today I accidentally tipped my sour cream down the sink while trying to just tip the liquid that appears on the top. So, it was Harry's burrito in a bowl without sour cream! Just mince and salsa! Hehehe not too bad, but I wont be doing it again. So I started the day with 3 eggs scrambled in butter, had the burrito in a bowl throughout the day, some strawberries and cream for a snack and dinner at a friends of roast beef with a green salad. Dessert was a fruit plate - I had strawberries and blueberries.

Good food, just lots of it hehehe.

Bayoubabe, thanks for the Comment   :)   I still go to the gym regularly seeing my trainer or doing classes. None today because of the heat but pilates yesterday so I haven't stopped with that. It's fun! What is your exercise regime?

Harry, of course I have done the limbo! Hehehe but when I was very young and it used to coincide with musical chairs and pass the parcel. Why do you ask?

Counting calories did work in the past in terms of weight loss, but I did it the high carb way so it was no good for my health. If I had to guess my current cals, they'd be well over 3000 per day I think. Too high, that's why I don't lose weight. Makes sense. I will change programs again, I'm just going to read more and do a bit more deciding and will start again in a couple of days.

Vadim has been suggesting the fat fast. While I am a pretty determined person and could probably carry it off, I'm just not sure. Do I want to fast again? Now that I'm not going caving, the aim isn't to lose weight, it's now (as of this minute, though I might change again in 5mins) to gain muscle. The Muscle Hack eBook reads fantastically ... TONS of physical effort though.

OK, OK, maybe I should mention now that I spent a few days doing the Body 4 Life thing but ended up exercising in my room most of the time - I felt very uncomfortable visiting my gym so often. Call me shallow, but I didn't want to be associated with "them". You know the ones, they visit the gym every day, stay for hours and always use weights too heavy so they can "impress" people.

So if I take on another exercise plan, how should I deal with feeling this way? I can pretend that it doesn't exist but the friendly, chatty people at the front desk mention it. They're just being nice. Urgh. I spend way too much of my time and effort worrying about what people will think about my changes.

Anyways, bed time now. Have a good one all!


  1. Put on a dark sunglasses! My ex-gfriend used to do it every time she went to gym. She swore it detered a lot of unwelcome atttention! People as you mention them would be very hesitant to start chatting with you. For some reasons ''people' associate those dark glasses on your eyes as a sign "busy, please do not disturb'' I dont know if it would be effective for you, but my ex was an expert to turn people off. Unfortunately that included me eventually!

  2. Erika :hugs: and I so understand the fixation about worrying what others think. My mom drilled that into us from the time we were little.

    If you can figure out how to get past that and move forward, your life in all areas will be like tasting freedom! I will pray for that for you!!!

  3. Erika,
    I don't think your alone on that one (worrying about what others think). I think everyone who has dealt with weight issues has a problem with that one.
    Have you ever plugged your food into www.fitday.com ? You said you thought you were eating 3000 calories a day. That sounds like a lot after looking through you menus. You may be surprised. If nothing else it will give you a good idea on your daily counts. Just a thought.

    Have a great day!

  4. Howdy, Erika.

    Another suggestion for keeping people from talking to you might be wearing a set of headphones (like from an IPod).

    I recall a therapist of mine recommending that to me. You can still smile at people and wave but they typically won't expect actual conversation - since you're apparently listening to music or a book on tape.

    Anyhow, that might be another option. Maybe sunglasses one day. Earphones the other. :)

    Sorry if I confused you with the limbo question. Yesterday you mentioned something like "being in limbo". I was just kidding around by asking the question. :)

  5. Good idea Harry and I know from 1st hand that it works. At work people like to talk a LOT. So on days when I REALLY have to get my data entered into the computer, I wear my headphones from my mp3 player. Most of the time I don't even have it on, but no one knows that but me... :)

  6. My exercise regime is 3x a week at the gym for 1 1/2 to a 2 hour workout.

    25 min on treadmill, 25 on elliptical, 20 on the bicycle, followed by about an hour or so on the weight machines.

    I generally go for the abworkout and the legs on the weight machines.

    Keep up the great work !