Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday 8 January 2009

Post Master Cleanse - Day 1

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It's 8.30am and I started today with one of my cleansing drinks. I know I said yesterday it was finished, but I'm starting off slowly. Also I'd already made it and you don't want to waste perfectly good food. :)

I'm surprised that everyone that Commented has said it's a good that I have finished my fast. Are you saying that because you actually believe I shouldn't be doing it, or are you saying it just to be supportive of whatever choices I make?

My question is just because I'm really curious as to what your real opinions are. My skin is pretty thick so I can handle the truth if you want to express it - I truly appreciate your opinions. Thank you   :)

I went to sleep last night in deliberations and it didn't get any easier this morning. Last night after my post about re-feeding I had a handful of pistachios and some hard cheese. I felt so full I could burst, but that soon passed. I weighed in this morning 84.4kgs. I would have to look back to see what I was on Sunday but I think it's around a 3kg (6.6lbs) difference - not bad for a 4-6day fast!

Things I've learnt from the fast:

  • I've learnt that no matter how long I go without eating, the hunger feeling never gets stronger than if I'd just eaten later (like 6hrs between a meal).
  • It's nowhere near as scary as it sounds.
    ... I will add more :)

    It's 7.40pm, I found that hunger returned stronger and sooner today after my cleansing drink. I had some hard cheese at about 9am. When I got home I had a bowl of Harry's burrito in a bowl around 4pm and really, I think I should not have had it. It's 7.40pm, and I'm still absolutely stuffed from it. Seriously, I even had to take a nap! I think my body didn't appreciate that at all.

    I'm doing a double shift today so crossing my fingers others want to get food delivered - I'll get a veggie stir fry or something like that. MmmmMmmm making myself hungry hehehe.

    It's 9.45pm and still not hungry.

    1. Erika, wow that cleanse was crazyyyyyyy! Why dont you try Fat flush cleanse! Have you ever hear of that? It was written by Gittleman, she is a very smart Phd nutritionist. Her books are quite famous and her cleanses are low carbs. She is a big proponent of cleanses, especially liver cleanse. She feels most of our metabolism and other problems are coonceted to clogged up liver so to speak. i do agree with her more than 100 percent. When I went on her two weeks liver cleansing diet I lost 14 pounds, and almost lost my mind too, even thouhg it was relatively good amount of food! You start a day with a glass of warm water with half of lemon. Then you can eat 2 eggs and vegetables for breakfast, tuna or other fish for lucnh and chicken or meat for dinner along with huge amount of vegetables. You can eat unlimitted amount of vegs a day and even have one piece of fruit, mostly grapefruit. But..... here is a trick you must frink ton of cranberry water, no sugar cranberry water. You mix 2 liters of water with a cup or so of unsweetened cranberry concentrate. It becomes a cranberry water and you become an instant toilet machine! boy does it make you pee! First 5 days I felt like premenopausal women, whatever taht means, then next 2 days I felt better . Read up on it next time, its pretty good. Low carb, pretty scinetific and relatively sane!

    2. Howdy, Erika.

      For what it's worth, I wasn't encouraging you to stop your fast. I'm sorry if that's how it came across.

      In any event, doing the fast for as long as you did is an accomplishment in and of itself.

      Thanks for sharing that experience with all of us. Your ongoing analysis and concluding remarks were helpful and informative to me (and others, I'm sure). :)

    3. I have to say that you are one brave girl...I know I couldn't do it. The liver cleanse sounds very interesting, I could do a couple days of gross but no more...I say good for you and all you do for yourself...