Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday 7 January 2009

Master Cleanse - Day 4

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It's 9.25am, morning all! Gee I woke up with a start this morning! Somehow my phone reset and it said it was 5.25am when it was 7.35am - and I start at 8am. Ahhh! So I left in a rush. I'm soooooo glad I put all my drinks together last night and even made my breakfast drink last night. I gulped that in 2secs and ran out the door. Got there pretty much on time. Yay!

There are bonuses to this cleanse afterall :)

It's 11.30am and still going well. Just had my second drink. Actually I left a bit in the bottom and added some hot water so it's like a nice hot brew of tea (kinda) and much weaker so I can sip it in contentment lol.

It's 1pm, and Harry, I have no idea what AA entails hahaha - I feel like I've grown up in a cave sometimes. I'm hoping the day-by-day approach will work for me too! I've only got 9 days to go (not including today), which I will absolutely kill, I know it. Thanks for all the wonderful comments.

I have had a third drink for today and feeling good. Hungry, but that's only because a woman at work really wants me to have some of her peanut M&Ms. I LOVE PEANUT M&MS!! But, even if I wasn't cleansing, I wouldn't eat them. Too much sugar. I'd rather make my own lc peanut choc cups. I haven't had anything with sugar in it, in a year or so now.

It's 4pm now and I've been flat out today. I think I have my brain back! I can still feel a slight lag in my thoughts and I'm getting a bit tongue tied but overall I've been able to do all my work (detailed numbers stuff today) perfectly - I've been double checking. So that's great!

It's 5.20pm and I'm having another drink. I've just spoken to my friends and they're thinking of dipping out of the caving trip, citing financial difficulties. This trip is harder than our previous ones and requires equipment we don't yet have and would have to buy in the next week. And it's straight after Christmas. Part of me wants to go "yay, I don't have to fast anymore because I'm not going on the trip anymore!" ..... :( I'm soooooooo looking forward to going. The other part of me is thinking that if I return to what wasn't working before, it will continue not to work.


It's 7pm, OK I've been doing a lot of thinking. I've decided today is going to be the end of my fast. I'm a bit worried about 'starvation mode' even though the instructions for the cleanse swear it's not an issue, and my mind is totally absorbed with food. I think it's trying to tell me something. So, now the next question is, what is the best food to re-feed with? Most of the people on forums for the cleanse are vegans and suggest all sorts of foods I wont eat. I did pretty well at clearing out my fridge of food so it's pretty empty. I have some eggs, some nuts and some tinned tuna. Hehehe.


  1. Great going today, Erika!

    Sorry to read about the trip-problems. But, no matter what ends up happening with the trip ... do the challenge FOR YOURSELF ... if it's important for you.

    I think the "other part of you" is right on this one! Listen to that part! :)

    BTW, your cleanse diary is an interesting read. I've never done a long term cleanse. So, it's helpful to see (in detail) what one would be like.

    Thanks for sharing this with us all.

  2. I am so glad you have decided to end this. Your concerns about starvation mode are right on.

    What do you want to eat now?

    There are a couple of menu blogs here that are wonderful. Harry and Pooti both eat real food and are satisfied.

    Maybe take a look at those menus and give them a try.

    Good luck, and good eating.


  3. I got some foodie advice for you straight from my Mom. We've been following your cleanse closely. She said to get back into food, start slow or else you'll get sick. She said start with a bite or two of plain egg. See how you do with that, then maybe the tuna. Sorry your trip was canceled. Perhaps it will be rescheduled when you are closer to your goal.

  4. Go slow and easy breaking your fast, kiddo. I've fasted before and 're-entry' can be a delicate process.

    ITA w/Miriam....find a way of eating that works for you and embrace it (or tweak it as needed - we're not robotrons!). Your WOE has to work for you and your life and your goals.

    You've done well, it takes courage and strength to fast, and now that you've tried it, you can move on to a healthy WOE and easily get through those caves the next time.