Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday 11 January 2009

Today I didn't get to eat anything until 5pm or so - everyone else I went shopping with had already eaten!

When I got home I had Harry's burrito in a bowl, raspberries and some strawberries and cream. I can't help it, berries are in season! I also had some pistachios.

As you know, I'm rethinking my plan. A girl on another forum suggested her plan which is 60g carbs per day and lower cal. I don't know how low though, so it's still not 100% defined.

Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I've just learnt today that the caving isn't happening this weekend. Phew! It has been resched to April. So, that's my next deadline!

Bayoubabe, the lc pudding comes pre-made. I get mine from but I've just read the can and it says it's made in CA, USA by Freedom Foods   :)

OK I've been behind with people's blogs a bit recently so I hope to do a bit of blog hopping this evening. Cya!


  1. Hi Erika,
    Which part of your diets do you think is keeping you from losing? I've also heard that LC doesn't work as quickly on women as it does on men. I think LC will work for me IF I stay on it long enough, but it may be slow. My version of LC is meat, fish, not many veggies but some, eggs, cheese. Have you tried something like that?

  2. Erika, have you tried Fat Flush diet plan? It is a low carb but a bit low calories too. Yet it is only two weeks! Give it a try, at least read about it. I heard anekdotal evidence that this plan works wonders for women. It is number one diet plan for women on its only two weeks cleansing program. Since you tried that crazy cleansing program where you were starving, consider doing Fat Flush! Or read up on it at

  3. Erika,
    What ever plan you decide on I wish you well. I will have to read back in your blog to see why you felt like what you were doing was not working for you. Have a great week.