Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday 15 July 2009

Breakfast (finish 9.10am) - two hard boiled eggs and an apple.

Lunch (finish 3.20pm) - cup of coffee, rye wrap with cos, celery, cucumber and turkey and an apple.

Dinner (finish 9pm) - 100g cooked chicken, 145g cauliflower, peppermint tea, seed mixture and oil/vinegar.

Well, I regained that missing hunger today! Couldn't wait for the next meal, kept filling up on extra water. First day I have made all three meals! Yay! I've been actively working towards getting breakfast done earlier and earlier in the day and fitting in that third meal before it's time for bed. Slow steps but it's working! :) It's quite amazing what you can achieve when you're not over-worrying yourself with achieving perfection.

A bit more trial and error is required, will get there. I want to get more trips to the gym into my schedule as well. I only have the one in there at the moment (bare minimum one visit to my personal trainer) and I keep missing the other opportunities. Been too tired. Genuinely, though I haven't I could have slept at like 8pm. I think it's all the fake-buzzes from caffeine and the like and now doing mostly without that. Both will make one tired.

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