Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday 23 July 2009

Breakfast (finish 9.10am) - 200g plain yogurt with a pair.

Lunch (finish 2.30pm) - rye wrap with lettuce, red capsicum and 140g chicken.

Dinner - 145g cauliflower (I love cauliflower!) and 140g tuna with oil, an apple and seed mixture.

Had a great day, still mentally clear like yesterday. I'm loving this. I may have found my way of eating - my mental clarity is all the evidence I need :)

Thanks Harry! I'm trying. Still feeling cold. Actually I probably shouldn't have told the acupunturist because he'll probably have attended to that and I'm start overheating again hehe. Can't have it all!


  1. Mental clarity is a very good sign.

    I'm happy you're finding your way, Erika. Your determination is paying off! Yay!

  2. Thanks Harry :) You're right though, it's an excellent sign!