Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday 17 July 2009

Breakfast (finish 9.40am) - 200g yogurt, an apple.

Lunch (finish 4.30pm) - two hardboiled eggs, 135g cauliflower, half of the seed mixture.

Snack (snacks are not allowed on this plan, but I was yawning) - cup of black English Breakfast with stevia.

Dinner (finish 10pm) - 50g edam and a stick of celery (due to engagement ring browsing, today's eating was completely out of structure).

I learnt something about myself yesterday that I sort of suspected or wondered about - when I'm upset or stressed, I don't eat. All this time I thought it was the other way around (otherwise I wouldn't be fat, right?), but no! What happens is I get upset about something, I don't eat and the hunger pangs don't bother me in the slightest. Then after a while my mind ticks over and my mind (not my body) starts worrying about my health if I don't eat, so I do. But because my body doesn't want it and it's out of whack, I don't eat in normal portions or normal foods or anything like that. So I usually overeat because I wasn't listening to my body in the first place.

I wonder how I would go about working on this one....

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