Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday 18 July 2009

Breakfast (finish 1pm) - 200g yogurt with a pear, sweetened with stevia

Next meal (finish 7.20pm) - seed mixture (and the other half of yesterday's I didn't have), an apple, 100g smoked salmon, 40g chicken, 145g boiled zucchini, oil/vinegar mixture.

Had this great dream last night about Dexter (the actor, not the character) who was moving through different time portals and by doing this he started to bleed today's time with the 80s (and all the awful fashion that implies). LOL If I can remember it, I'll write it all down.

Saw the Dr today, got a second slip to have my cholesterol re-tested following this no-red-meat plan I've been put on to lower it. I know all about The Great Cholesterol Con and as such, I really couldn't give two hoots, but if they're up in arms I don't mind following what they say. I refuse to take any meds for it though, that's my boundary.

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