Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday 22 July 2009

Breakfast (finish 8.10am) - two hard boiled eggs and 130g cauliflower.

Lunch (finish 1.35pm) - rye wrap containing tuna in oil (I did as the Sureslim rules say and bought tuna in water and added the oil myself so I know it's good quality oil and how much), lettuce, tomato and capsicum. Supposed to be 130g tuna and 135g other stuff in the wrap - got the other veggies but not all that tuna fit in the wrap. I took this and ate it at work so will have to finish the rest of the tuna off tonight for dinner. Oh and as I was at a seminar (yes, I got questioned about why I brought and ate my own lunch when lunch was provided for us... not too badly though) I had roughly an apple in size of watermelon, canteloupe and strawberries.

Dinner (finish 7.10pm) - 100g grilled fish from the fish and chip shop (had to rub the fish with tissue to get any crusting off) with the rest of lunch's tuna and 145g cauliflower, seed mixture, an apple.

OK so to follow on from yesterday, I've reluctantly decided to keep my appointment tomorrow (I'm a chronic canceller) which is with my acupunturist. Think I might get him to assess how my eating changes have been affecting my body and possibly my cold issue. Actually the last two nights I've had brilliant nights' sleeps and I'm learning to rug up more. Might also have something to do with being the dead of winter right now lol. I forgot to take a multi this morning during my rush out the door so I'll have to remember tomorrow. I always feel better with them.

As for exercise, I have a booking with my trainer. If the shift at work can't be changed, I'll have to reschedule that appointment to the morning but either way it'll be on Friday. Yay! I'm soooo looking forward to getting moving again.

Thanks heaps guys, and of course I don't mind extra comments, Sunny! The more the merrier!

[Pictured is the kind of day it was today - soooo glad I wore my warmest coat which has a hood bc I got rained on hehe]


  1. Good going, Erika! You're being proactive and I think that's great! :-)

  2. That's a good idea about buying the tuna in water and adding your own good quality oil.