Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday 14 July 2009

Breakfast (finish 9.10am) - two hardboiled eggs and a pear

Lunch (finish 3.15pm) - rye wrap with cos and celery inside (this was also supposed to have turkey in it but I accidentally grabbed raw chicken breast instead of sliced turkey this morning and got a disappointing surprise when I opened the package at lunch time lol), an apple and a cup of tea

Dinner (finish 8.30pm) - 100g edam, seed mixture and oil and vinegar in a glass. Oh and 135g cauliflower.

Thanks Harry, you give some of the best advice!

I messed up my counting of dinner tonight - ate at 4hrs since finish time rather than the 5. Oops! I was already half way through eating when I realised. Too bad, done now, onto tomorrow.

So I had my very first weigh in with Sureslim this afternoon - down 2.4kgs! That's pretty good but considering I was eating lots of carbs before AND had TOM, well it isn't quite that exciting. I'll be excited if I have a good result next week though :)

Also I got to find out how a weigh in goes with them. It's pretty much just a weigh and how did you go this week, any obstacles, slip ups or anything else you want to go over. I went over the fact I find it huge portions and I haven't yet had three meals a day this week. She said she can understand and always listen to my body, keep working on trying to get breakfast happening early and that way I can fit in that 3rd meal for the day.

What was missing was a discussion about the upcoming week, any goals, any obstables, plan of attack. So, I'm going to go over that now :)

Obstacles for this week - My Aunt's birthday this Sunday! She always cooks a big roast. Oh, I can't eye-ball portions yet.... maybe my plan of action will be doing a bit of eye-balling studying hehe. My goal is to do pilates this Monday (in addition to my usual personal training on Friday).

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