Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday 19 July 2009

Brunch (finish 2.30pm) - Cajun chicken wrap (made with 130g diced cooked chicken sprinkled with cajun spice, cos, tomato, red capsicum and a rye wrap), an apple and a cup of sweetened peppermint tea.

Off to a family bday this evening, wish me luck! It will be my first meal out that I didn't prepare from scratch since I started Sureslim. I'm just keeping my portions in mind and going to do my best to get it right.

UPDATE: Dinner (finish ... umm I dunno) - at about 5.40pm I had a water cracker with a thin thin scrape of pate and four cherries. At about 6.30pm I had about 200g total of duck and beef (I am supposed to be off red meat but there was no more duck) with lemon gravy, cauliflower, green beans and a tomato and spring onion salad. Around 7.15pm I had two spoonfuls of vanilla cream. The teeniest bit of flourless chocolate cake which was yucky and easy to pass up.

So overall it was very outside what I should be eating, I did the best I could do given the situation I was in, and I didn't do too badly anyway so I'm going to move onto tomorrow as if there was no blip on the radar.

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