Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday 20 July 2009

Breakfast (finish 9.10am) - 200g natural yogurt with a pear and a cup of tea.

Lunch (finish 3pm) - Salad with two hardboiled eggs, cos, celery and tomato. Oil/vinegar dressing.

Dinner - Seed mixture and some veggies.

I'm starting to get stressed about things again. I'm not sure why really. Maybe it's close to TOM. It's probably got something to do with my trainer cancelling on me the past two weeks (and I couldn't fit in any of her alternative times) so I'm lacking a bit of physical release.

I'm starting to get cravings again. Until now I've been relatively craving-free, but now I'm starting to get them. I'm getting really cold all the time (I'm talking sleeping fully clothed with two doonas and the heater on) and at work too. I'm not used to being cold - usually I quite like being cold and it's everyone else that gets uncomfortable. Also I'm no longer sleeping through the night. It's like I've got too much energy.

Who knows, I'll get to the bottom of it before too long.

Have a great day!


  1. Eek, hope you get back in to training soon. Sounds like you are going a bit stir crazy with all of that energy pent up.

  2. Let me know if you'd like direction to the new blog. Email octoberfae (at) gmail.


  3. Erika,

    Can you speak to one of your nutritional counselors about these cold feelings? That concerns me a bit and the cravings as well. Perhaps you need some additional fat or other nutrient that you may not be getting enough of.

    re: exercise and your trainer

    Are you exercising on your own? If not, perhaps you should do something unstructured until you and your trainer can meet. The physical and psychological benefits of regular exercise might be enough to resolve your current concerns. I hope so, at least. :-)

  4. You're absolutely right, and telling me what I really need to know, I need to get back in to exercising. It's hard though, it's like a vicious circle - the more I get stressed and tired the more I don't want to exercise, and the more I don't exercise the more stressed and tired I get!

    I'll push myself. Ok, *gets out diary* if I book it in here and promise it to you, then I have to go. Ok, I have an appointment on Thur but I'm going to call and change it, and go to Pump instead. Oh I haven't been to Pump in soooo long. I'm almost scared lol.

    Maybe I should start taking a multi, Oct. Think that might help? I figured the cravings would just come naturally because your body craves things it hasn't had in a while... at least mine does.

    Hmmm I'll try it out and let you know how I go :)