Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday 21 August 2009

Breakfast (finish 8.45am) - two hardboiled eggs, 110g zucchini.

Lunch (finish 2.15pm) - 130g turkey with spinach and celery, 100g strawberries AND and apple.

Dinner (finish 7.40pm) - cheesy veggie lasagne (75g edam, 140g total of half a tomato and red capsicum with a wheat wrap), seed mixture, oil/vinegar.

Starving all day today! Starving right now and it's not even 5.30pm!

TOM is coming up and it might have something to do with what I'm experiencing. I hope so.

Thanks for the reminder about the supplements, I haven't been having any and I think it will really help. My serious concern though, is that supplements only make cravings more tolerable, they don't satisfy them. I'm worried I'll end up doing what I have done after following other plans which is following them to the letter, putting everything out of my mind that could saboutage it, and then when I'm "finished" or otherwise reach a particular point, I have to satisfy it all at once. And it lasts weeks or months.

I don't want to do that again.

I know she'll say I can't, but I really think Protein Power's Reward Meal once a week would help me.


  1. Erika,

    It could be that certain forms of supplementation may actually address the cause of your cravings ... a lack of certain nutrients in your diet. That's just a possibility.

    Maybe you could simply start off with a good multivitamin/mineral and see if that helps to better "cover the bases".

    Hope you enjoy your weekend! :-)

  2. Hi Harry,

    Thanks :)

    I think I'm just grumbling for the sake of grumbling (though at the time I don't know that).

    I took a multi yesterday and today - feeling much much better already.