Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday 3 August 2009

Breakfast (finish 9.15am) - 200g yogurt, a pear, today's seed mixture and a cup of sweetened peppermint tea.

Lunch (finish 2.45pm) - small serving of lentil soup, 2/3 of half a tomato (the rest was in the soup), an apple and salad with oil/vinegar dressing. Cup of black sweetened tea.

Dinner (finish 9.05pm) - 140g smoked salmon, 145g cauliflower.

Nice and full throughout today :)

That looks like a very nice ring, Sadekat :) Why don't you wear two rings instead of just the one? I'm not much of a ring (or even jewellery) person myself so I'm curious to find out how everyone has come to find out what suits them.

I have posted a pic of a ring I am looking at - it's three emerald cut diamonds in this layout but doesn't have anything on the shoulders like this one does. I like it. Also then a more decorative wedding band wont look overdone (I'm a fan of subtlety).


  1. My wife decided to wear with an elegant but subtle ring. I think her P.O.V. was similar to yours. She doesn't care much for very flashy jewelery. Just something pretty but somewhat understated. Besides, you have to leave room for the additional band(s) that come with the big anniversaries that will eventually follow! :-)

    Happy to hear you're feeling satisfied with the diet. Good to know!

  2. Great meals today, I am a big fan of lentil soup.

    I never got an offical engagement ring or any ring with stones in it from Mr. Sadekat. Kinda a long story there.

    I don't wear a lot of jewelry either. Wedding ring, watch, 1 necklace and then my earrings. I rarely change my jewelry, even though I make my own and have a jewelry box full of it.

    Your ring is gorgeous!