Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday 29 August 2009

Breakfast (finish 1.05pm) - seed mixture, an apple, 113g smoked salmon and 133g boiled zucchini. Also after I went to the gym this morning but before I started brekky, my dad was soooo proud of these Anzac biscuits he made last night and wanted me to try it. He's still upset about the hamburger he made me the other week that he discovered in my trash so I had a bite in front of him. I didn't finish it, but I had a bite and I think it was worth it to see his face.

Dinner (finish 9.50pm) - two fillets of chicken from KFC (I tried to scrape as much crusting off as I could)

Skipping my cousin's bday this afternoon (again) because all my family do's seem to centre around food and I think it's silly. Why can't I go and not eat and not be put in the spotlight for it?

Another gripe (must be the day for it!): I get annoyed at the lack of breakfast options on this plan. It's like I either have yogurt or eggs (which eggs are limited to three times a week) and that's it. I mean the other options are rolled oats (only if I'm desperate) and cheese (which I'm trying to reduce). It doesn't have a measurement for today's breakfast, for instance. No protein option. I'm happy to have the apple in the morning to have the higher carbs earlier in the day but still, not even the option??

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  1. Erika,

    I can relate to your family food woes. It can be rough. Among other things, it's a "boundary" issue. The association between acceptance/love and food intake had to be gently explained to some members of my family.

    Ultimately, our loved ones (usually) don't want to harm us. If they understand that the food-pressure behavior is doing that ... they will often change - sometimes slowly and incompletely though. In my case, it's partly cultural - my parents were both born and raised in Italy.

    The breakfast issue should be more flexible, I would think. Have you discussed this with your diet consultant? Surely others have this same gripe. Monotony can make a diet much tougher than it often has to be. Hopefully there's a diet-appropriate solution to this.

    Anyhow, I just wanted you to know that I think your complaints sound justifiable to me. :-)

    Have some fun this weekend and keep on treating yourself well!