Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday 28 August 2009

Breakfast (finish 8.50am) - seed mixture, 200g yogurt (guessed), 100g strawberries.

Dinner (finish 6.05pm) - 140g tuna in my oil with spinach and half a tomato, an apple, a pear.

Well sorry for the delay in writing this log, I was out all night at an Alice Cooper concert. It was awesome!!

I can't say I'm much of an Alice Cooper fan and I really didn't know any of his songs except for Poison, but it was so much fun - there was all sorts of other stuff going on on stage besides the music. It was like a whole show. They had ghosts as part of his nightmare, Alice and one of the ghosts then spent the rest of the show torturing and killing each other lol. It sounds disturbing but it was so theatrical that it was fun and over-the-top.

The audience was made up of people from around 8 years of age to easily in their sixties. Some dressed up, lots just looked like people you'd see on the street and wouldn't think twice about. Awesome!!

Has anyone seen him before? What was it like?

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