Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday 13 August 2009

Breakfast (finish 9.05am) - 200g yogurt, a pear and seed mixture.

Dinner (finish 6pm) - 130g cajun chicken in wheat wrap with 135g grated zucchini, oil/vinegar and an apple.

Well, that's the end of my cajun chicken! Probably time to have something different for lunch for a few days anyway ;)

Oh and I forgot my scales again this morning! Had to eye- ball the yogurt, which I'm no good at. It's a 500g tub and it's wider at the top and thinner at the bottom. Never gonna happen.

Due to a sickie at work today, I didn't get a lunch break and didn't start dinner until 5pm. Urgh. I really really tried to get out early or something but there wasn't much I could do.

Anyway, on a more positive note, you know how I've been trying to will myself into increasing my exercise? Well I'm booked in for two training sessions a week starting tomorrow!

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