Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday 17 August 2009

Breakfast (finish 8.35am) - two hardboiled eggs with 110g boiled zucchini (yum!) and an apple.

Lunch (finish 2pm) - 135g grated zucchini with 130 turkey and an apple.

Dinner (finish 9.20pm) - 75g edam, seed mixture, oil/vinegar and 140g boiled zucchini.

I seemed to have swapped from all cauliflower on the side to all zucchini on the side lol. Ah well, it's delicious!

When I went to do dinner tonight, all I wanted was cheese! I don't know why, normally I'm only a cheese-every-so-often person. But tonight, huge hanging for it. Thankfully edam is one of the best cheeses I've tasted. :)

I was hungry pretty much all throughout today. It's probably a combination of going to the gym more often and being a bit stressed out about stuff. Hopefully one will help out the other.

Went to a personal training session AND pilates this evening :)

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  1. Good going, Erika! Two high-fives for you! :-)