Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday 6 August 2009

Breakfast (finish 8.55am) - two hardboiled eggs with 110g cauliflower and an apple.

Lunch (finish 3.10pm) - rye wrap with 130g turkey and 135g grated zucchini, mix of fruits (watermelon, canteloupe and honeydue) to approx size of small-med apple.

Dinner (finish 9.10pm) - (went out for dinner) cooked chicken in unspecified spicy sauce with gingered mushrooms and bok choy.

Sorry for not posting yesterday's plan until today, I didn't get on the computer to post for myself at all yesterday and even now it's the only thing I'm jumping online to quickly do.

Actually tonight I went to a Mission Australia function which I thought was going to be charity donators (like myself) getting together to listen to some good bands but it wasn't until I saw the guest sign-in book at the front and saw all the business names did I realise it was some sort of corporate gathering. Fun, loads of finger food (I didn't have any) and speakers and even a band but still, I was very underdressed, I'm not especially good and "hob nobbing" and what in the world would I have to talk about with people in industry?

Ah well, was good in all because I took a friend I hadn't seen in yonks so we had time to catch up and then we grabbed a bite to eat afterwards so we're well and truly caught up now.

Good night. It's 11pm now and I'm tossing over whether or not to have the oil/vinegar and seed mixture or just go to bed. I know they are musts but I didn't expect to be out so late and I'm worried if I have them now (especially the seeds) that I'll be up all night.

What do you think?

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