Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday 15 August 2009

Breakfast (finish 8.55am) - two hardboiled eggs with 110g boiled zucchini and an apple.

Lunch (finish 3.25pm) - 140g smoked salmon with 145g red capsicum and a pear.

Dinner (finish 12.05am) - a snapper fish roasted in herbs and rosemary, and some greens of a salad, seed mixture. Two cups of stevia-sweetened tea.

Was looking forward to the same cheesy veggies stack that I had yesterday. That was awesome! Great craving buster! But, went out for last minute dinner with a friend anyway (much more fun than sitting at home) which is why it technically finished so late - I had dinner out but had to wait until I got home (and remembered) to have the seed mixture.

I went to the gym yesterday and today, and booked in again on Monday. Trying to increase my frequency. I actually thought that going to the gym more would increase my appetite and considering I am already having all the food allowed, that this would just set me up to fail. BUT I wasn't hungry at all after breakfast today! I ate because the clock said it was time but I didn't need it so soon. Ah well, I feel good :)


  1. Happy to hear your cravings are history and that exercising again. Good job in making that happen! :)

  2. Thanks Harry! I really appreciate your support :)