Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday 18 August 2009

Breakfast (finish 11.20am) - 200g yogurt, an apple and seed mixture.

Lunch (finish 6.40pm) - 140g smoked salmon, a stick of celery and some veggie soup, oil/vinegar, 100g strawberries.

Yay down another 900g today!!

Unfortunately I haven't been able to save any of the money I had planned this "budget" would allow me to. Budget? What budget? I just spent $18 on two pieces of fish!


  1. I just found you over at Harry's wife Madeline's blog!
    Good to see other LC blogs!

  2. Is there any way to follow your blog? I don't see the follower's section.
    (sorry about commenting twice!)

  3. Hi anne,

    Welcome! I've put a box on my blog now to follow (it had disappeared) but another way is you can copy the website address, go to your blogspot Dashboard and there's an option there to follow blogs by their address. That's how I can follow some of the more commercial blogs that don't have a Follow box either. ;)

    Anyway, welcome, hope to see you around these parts again in the future.


  4. Hey Erika!

    LC and budget do not go hand in hand. Just glad Harry and I don't have kids or we'd be starving them to death to keep on program!Congrats on the weight loss though!
    Mad (Mrs Harry)

  5. Hi Mad :)

    Do you find that the dollar prices for lc foods are more but you don't need the quantity that you do of high carb foods?

    My budget expenses are gourmet kinda foods (rather than just standard fare) and all the other luxuries I like to treat myself too lol